Welcome to the website of Košice Baptist Church

Though our website is in Slovak, we want to extend our invitation and greetings to you in English so you will know that we provide translation during our Sunday services. If you live in Kosice or are just visiting, upon entering the church, indicate to the greeter at the door that you need English translation and we will provide you with a personal headphones for use during the service. 

Our purpose as a church is to engage our community by proclaiming God’s word. Empowered by prayer and the fellowship of our brothers and sisters in Christ, we seek to make disciples through evangelism, missions, and practical services.

You can expect our worship services to center on the proclamation of God’s word through preaching. Our worship also includes times of prayer and singing songs of praise and worship.

Note that only the Sunday morning Prayer time and Worship Services are translated.

We look forward to having you join with us as we worship the Living Lord, Jesus Christ and we wish you God’s peace.

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Baptist church
Slovenskej jednoty 16
040 01 Košice


Sunday 9:30 Morning service
  6:30pm Evening service
Thursday 6:30pm Bible study
(In winter at 5:30pm)  
Friday 6:00pm Youth
  In case of any need the Sunday morning services can be translated simultaneously into English. If you speak English and would like to worship with us, you are very welcome.


  Coffee (Sunday café) is open and available after the Sunday Worship services. If you are not in a hurry, or would like to talk with someone, or just relax by cup of tee or coffee, feel free to use this opportunity.


  Church library is open every Sunday, 30min after the Worship services. For now you can choose from over 300 titles
Changes during SUMMER holiday (1st of July - 31st of August)
  No translation into English.
  No evening services
  No Sunday school or youth
during any holiday.
For more acurate information please see the current schedule.


Sunday morning services and other casual events are streamed online over the internet and archived on Youtube. We do have also MP3 archive on our website which is limited and full archive available in our church library.


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Elders Jaroslav Bán (predseda) Táto e-mailová adresa je chránená pred spamovacími robotmi. Na jej zobrazenie potrebujete mať nainštalovaný JavaScript.
  Daniel Fedoriak  
  Peter Jurčo  
Finance Anička Staroňová  
Church statutors Dalibor Smolník  
  Michal Barger  
  Jaroslav Bán  


IČO: 31961924 | DIČ: 2022004127

Church Košice   SLSP Košice, bank account number:   82135215/0900
    IBAN:   SK39 0900 0000 0000 8213 5215
Gifts for:   Variable symbol
1) Usual church needs:    8001
2) Preachers salary fund:   8002
    Gift to certain pastor can be adressed by writing his name into the note in the payment
3) Repairs and technical stuff:   8003
4) Social fund:
    4.1) Food for the homeless:
5) Mission, other:   8005
6) Youth:   8006
7) Sunday café:   8007
8) Renovation of outdated AV equipment:   8008
Mission station Prešov   SLSP Prešov, bank account number:   501831216/0900